Energy Empowerment Workshops are created to help you find tools that work for you. Kay is passionate about helping people discover their inner 'guru' so they develop a strong sense of respect for their own inner guidance and intuition. 



Connection is the key to everything, in this workshop you will be introduced to how energy influences your health and daily experiences.

  • Get an understanding of how energy works and travels around you.
  • Understand how your emotional responses impact your energy, health and wellbeing.
  • Witness your energy in action using a crystal pendulum.
  • Your Chakras, where they are, what they represent and how we can use crystals to work with them.
  • Diagnose your own chakras and energetically align them using the crystals and meditation.

The Power Behind 'I'


True strength is only possible when the core of something is totally solid, unbreakable and whole. To know true confidence we must explore our roots.

  • We explore the concept of ‘I’ - How we've become the personas we are and how that process has impacted our outlook on life.
  • Label Exercise – This practical exercise helps you get a deeper understanding of your emotional responses to life.
  • Journey to self - Techniques on how to further promote self love on a day to day basis.
  • The Mirror Exercise, is a technique that helps you look deeply within and start to see who and what you are in essence.

The Secret To Attraction


Learn about energetic frequency, understand why certain people come in and out of your life and how you can attract more of who you would like in your life.

  • Introduction to the concept of energetic frequency, how it works and the meaning behind enlightenment.
  • Sudden attraction - How the frequency we project into the world effects who we are drawn to.
  • Growth by density– How negative experiences can be transformed by changing the energetic frequency within yourself.
  • Energy transformation exercise and meditation.

Manifesting Your Abundance


Meditation for Beginners


Harness Negativity 


Understand the power of energetic vibration and how to work with it to manifest your abundance, financially, professionally and romantically.

  • Introduction to the spectrum of vibration and the 'receptive mode'.
  • Understanding the importance of clarity in vision not just mentally but emotionally and how your core beliefs can impact your ability to connect with your abundance.
  • Garden of abundance meditation
  • Core belief transformation exercise
  • Creation of your own vision board using magazines, pictures and words that inspire you and align with your emotionally driven vision of the future.

Meditation can be a challenge for many of us to start with. By creating a physical connection with energy we are able to achieve complete focus and relief.

Learn simple and effective techniques to discover immediate connection with energy and your present moment using fun and engaging exercises.

Experience the benefit of group meditation as you enjoy the sensation of awareness amongst others.

Experience a deep an immediate connection with breath and heart centred awareness that is easy to integrate into private practice.

Introduction to meditation in nature and connection with mother earth energy.


You are a beautiful mix of light and dark, positive and negative. Discover the gifts that your dark side presents you with and how you can start to work with it.

  •  Understand why the challenges in our lives are our best opportunities.
  • How our perception impacts our lives – and techniques on how we can alter them.
  • An introduction to our dark side - Various methods you can use to help you work through negative emotions in a positive and constructive way.
  • The true meaning of Yin and Yang, and how you can integrate its meaning through your diet and social behaviours.
  • The Hands Healing energy exercise, a powerful tool that can help you work through strong negative emotions.