Transform your life with energy healing today.



$55 : 30 mins | $95 : 60 mins

A sublime Reiki healing experience, combining hands on healing with Chakra balancing to support your health and wellbeing.

In this session you will enjoy:

  • Crystal healing.

  • Realignment of Chakra energy centres

  • Feeling revitalised mentally and physically.

  • Deeply relaxed and grounded.

energy integration

$125 : 60 mins | $185 : 90mins

A transformative experience that enables you to communicate with your body directly helping you remove self sabotaging energy.

In this session you will experience:

  • Past life regression and integration.

  • The realignment of stuck energy that may be causing pain or illness.

  • Cleansing of your energetic field.

  • Increased confidence and self belief.