Revitalise the dynamic in your workplace


Help your Team meet their working day with renewed confidence, positivity and a 'can-do' attitude. Energy Empowerment Workshops offer a range of energy techniques, written practices, meditation methods and more to transform your Team’s outlook and approach to work and each other.

  • Transform a fragmented team into an aligned, positive and driven cohort.

  • Reengage your staff with new and more fulfilling ways of interacting both with clients and each other.

  • Elevate the positivity, confidence and focus of your employees.

  • Keep your team motivated and inspired with mindful practices they can apply at home and at work.

  • Feel the increase in energy in your Team once they know how to raise their vibe easily

Workshop themes can be tailored to meet the desired outcomes of your business, whether you are trying to facilitate change management, transform a jaded sales team or simply offer a unique team building experience. These are just a few examples of the types of workshops available:

Workshop Theme Examples


Renergise and unify your team. This workshop reconnects your employees with their own energy and helps them relate more easily to those around them.

Introduction to energy and how it works

Connection with energy - blindfold meditation.

The importance of perspective and how the team can shift their perspective to engage differently with challenging people and situations in more positive and fulfilling ways.

How to avoid becoming drained - how individuals can keep their energy positive and unaffected by those around them.

The importance of team work - how everything is interconnected.


Leadership can be powerful and fulfilling. Understand the role ownership and empowerment play from an energetic perspective and create your ‘A’ Team.

Ownership - Understand how you create the behaviours displayed in your team through an energy reflection exercise. 

What story are you telling? – With powerful scripting exercises you can understand the power behind your words and not only craft a different daily experience for your team but yourself as well.

Empowerment - Understanding how your sense of empowerment effects your Team and exercises to help you improve it.

Value – A Team empowerment exercise and the importance of Inspiration vs Motivation.


Improve your team dynamic so it works harmoniously and with positivity. Learn about energetic frequency, and how to attract more of what you want.

Introduction to the concept of energetic frequency, how it works and how the team can actively work well together using it.

Sudden attraction - How the frequency we project into the world effects who we are drawn to and who we attract demonstrated through a reflection exercise.

Growth by density– How negative experiences can be transformed by changing the energetic frequency within.

Energy transformation exercise and meditation.


Transform your team's outlook with renewed inspiration and optimism. Help your team understand their ability to attract and manifest their abundance.

Introduction to the spectrum of vibration and the 'receptive mode'.

Using a clarity chart exercise your Team starts to get sharp focus on what it is they want to achieve and how to navigate self sabotage.

Learn how core beliefs can impact your teams  ability to connect with their abundance and how energy projection can change the dynamic.

Garden of abundance meditation

Core belief transformation exercise


Offer your team a unique and insightful relaxation experience. Meditation can be a challenge to start with but using some simple, fun techniques deep relaxation is easily reached.

Introduce your team to simple and effective techniques to discover immediate connection with energy and their present moment using fun and engaging exercises.

Understand how they can work with their energetic vibration through projection exercises to relieve stress and increase joy.

Learn how to bring meditation into every day with an eating exercise - snacks supplied!

Learn how to detox mind and body and personal space with a variety of energy tips and insights.

Enjoy a Chakra balancing guided meditation using sound vibration.

Empower your team with mastery of their emotions so every challenge is an opportunity. Watch them become masters of their own destiny as they harness negativity.

 Understand why the challenges they are presented with are their best opportunities.

How their perception impacts their lives – and techniques on how they can alter them.

An introduction to their dark side - Various methods they can use to help them work through negative emotions in a positive and constructive way.

How they can integrate balanced energy through diet and social behaviours.

The Hands Healing energy exercise, a powerful tool that will help them work through strong negative emotions.



When I returned to work the next day I had a much greater sense of clarity, I felt more energised regarding my work. It’s actually changed my outlook on my social relationships, my personal relationships and my interactions with everyday people.
—  Justine O'Neil, Deloitte.
There were so many take aways from the course! I loved learning techniques that complimented my existing meditation practice.  And learning how energy frequencies work, shed light on a few issues I had found confusing at home and at work.
— Wendy Ng, Lawyer.
I’m a freelancer so I come across a multitude of people I don’t know daily. A piece of insight I really appreciated was the realisation that everyone is in their own little universe, so you can’t take what’s said too personally, this really changed my perspective and has helped my daily experience significantly.
— Cassie Egan, Freelancer.