Body Talk - Tuesday February 5th, Manly.

Body Talk - Tuesday February 5th, Manly.


Your body has an innate intelligence, a wisdom that knows exactly what you need to heal. It is this wisdom that directs us to the root cause of the ailments you experience.

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk taps into your body's innate intelligence using muscle checking techniques, whereby your body gives a yes/no response to a sequence of questioning.

How it helps

Your body's answers to these questions will tell us what factors are underlying your condition. Focussing the brain on the underlying cause of your condition allows the body to heal itself. Correction within the mind, lying down a new neural pathway, allows for correction within the body. There are no limits to your body's self-healing potential. 

What can you expect?

Join the spectacular Ava Leonard, an exceptional Body Talk Practitioner and Founder of Be Wealth Health Collective for:

An introduction to BodyTalk
A group AND individual demonstration of the technique :)

Venue, Date & Time:

Northern Beaches: Feb 5 | 6-7pm | Sober Social, 6/275 Harbord Rd, Dee Why.

Bondi: TBC - the Bondi BodyTalk event will be later in the year.

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