Are you called to Energy Healing? - Feb 9th

Are you called to Energy Healing? - Feb 9th


Do you feel an intuitive pull to energy healing? Have you been thinking about or have you done Reiki or other types of energy healing classes? If so this session may be for you.

This workshop is about helping you drop into a divine space of peace and connection to explore your calling. Through sound, meditation and visualisation techniques we invite you to connect deeply with your intuition of healing for yourself and in a pair.

SOUND HEALING: With the wonderfully gifted Inhabit Flow Collective we will begin the morning session with an hour of enchanting sound and vibrational awakening to attune your self connection.

SELF HEALING: Under the gentle guidance of Kay Wilson, Energy Coach and Healer assisted by Carlie Eden, Angelic Healer, you will then be guided into a safe and loving meditative space from which you will start to explore self healing visualisation techniques.

HEALING SHARE: Maintaining a safe and supportive energetic space you will then be invited to partner up and respectfully practice and nurture your approach on each other with support from Kay and Carlie where needed.

Please bring whatever you need to support your preferred practice ie crystals, oils, cards etc as these will not be provided.

There will be 2 massage tables available, should you wish to bring your own please do, otherwise yoga matts will be available.

Date: Saturday Feb 9th

Time: 10am - 1pm

Venue: Camden Park House - The Stables

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