3 ways to make 'Manhood' easier

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Our society currently has a tendency to glorify the extremes of masculine energy. By that I mean to be a ‘go-getter’ or the strongest or most successful in the pack is revered, anything less than that is almost failure. This perspective is beneficial up to a point but in excess can result in burnout and tendencies towards anxiety or even depression, which is why we need to balance it. To balance masculine energy we need to work with our feminine energy, each of us, both man and woman has both sides within us. When in balance the dynamic, action oriented, giving masculine energy is harmonized with the creative, discerning and receptive qualities of female energy. So how do we bring this into everyday practice to make life more enjoyable and a little easier?

 Accept and enjoy compliments

Allowing yourself to receive is really important for your wellbeing, when you feel appreciated you feel validated and this feels good. Recognition for good work actually releases dopamine, which is why it feels good to be praised, but too often we find it hard to receive compliments so we tend to deflect or ignore them. However the more we take notice of them and allow ourselves to accept and enjoy praise the better we feel. So try and pay more attention to the way people talk about you and what you do, accept approving comments and allow the praise within them to sink in. If you don’t believe you ever receive compliments try giving some – you’ll be amazed how quickly they start coming back to you.

Get Creative

Creativity is one of the most natural sources of pleasure but one we rarely prioritise. When you are creating something you move into a state of flow, this is when you are so immersed in what you are doing that you can loose track of time and forget to worry about things you would normally. In fact creativity doesn’t only increase your happiness, it can reduce stress and depression as well as help process trauma. It’s even been proven to improve your immune system and your ability to focus, so why not make a creative pursuit a permanent fixture in your life? Or better yet recognize where you are already creative and allow more space for it, perhaps you really enjoy cooking or strategic thinking about what you do, it could be as simple as thinking up jokes. Take stock of where you are playful and allow yourself to explore it.

 Use your judgment more effectively.

Discernment about how you spend your time is a key trait of female energy, it stops us rushing into things to just ‘do’ them and instead asks us to analyse whether what we want to do will serve us. So why not spend some time analyzing your current habits and consider whether they’re working for you or not, and perhaps make some changes? You can also take it one step further and start asking yourself everyday: “What can I do for me today that would feel good?” Maybe you would make time for a surf, or go to your favorite café for lunch, it doesn’t have to be a big deal to do something that feels good for yourself each day. And by asking yourself that question you check in with you, someone that you can easily overlook.

 To learn more about how to work with your energy, elevate your thinking and start overcoming depression and anxiety contact Kay Wilson Energy Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer Kay Wilson.


Kay Wilson