The Easiest Way To Start Manifesting What You Want In Life.

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Manifesting has recently become a craze, everyone wants to know how they can become a Master Manifester, so they can manifest their dream job, their international fame, their longed for figure, or their soulmate. The concept of manifesting has become revered, it’s as if only the super spiritual, clever or lucky can do it. But the truth is we are ALL constantly manifesting and we do it All. The. Time. Every moment of everyday you are experiencing the product of your thoughts and beliefs.  

You’re a pro at manifesting already
So the good news is you’re already an absolute pro at manifesting! But then there is the inevitable cry: “But why would I manifest my empty bank account, my miserable relationship or my overweight self…” Now this is a question of conditioning – which has nothing and EVERYTHING to do with manifesting. 

How the Law Of Attraction Works
You see the Law of Attraction, which is the foundation of manifesting, is simple: You attract what you already FEEL. So ask yourself, what do you feel when you wake up in the morning for example? Are you filled with a sense of joy? Do you relish the prospect of a new day with a sense of inevitable happiness and success? If so, you are probably already in a state of joy and pleasant manifestation as you are attracting exactly what you are feeling. However if you wake up each day with an impending sense of doom because you’ve been conditioned by your experiences to develop a need to survive, then the likelihood is that your day will bring you challenging situations that mirror that expectation.

 How conditioning gets in the way
We are conditioned through our culture and upbringing to focus on what we have done wrong, to spend the majority of our time coming up with ways to ‘fix’ our problems. And because our entire focus is absorbed in our ‘problem’, we attract more of the issues that cause them, because wherever we place our focus our energy follows and whatever we send our energy to thrives. So if your problems are your focus that is your point of attraction, or manifestation. So the real question is: How do we change our conditioning?

How conditioning happens
Conditioning is based on our sub conscious core beliefs, which are caused by experiences we had when we were young. These experiences created emotional reactions and thoughts that over time we’ve repeated and repeated to ourselves, and in the process they have become our core beliefs. Because a belief is simply a thought we’ve had on replay until it’s become immersed in our subconscious.

You have control
So there are two ways of looking at this – joy at the realisation that you have control over your thoughts and therefore your experience, or despair as you doubt your ability to change your conditioned thoughts and beliefs in order to attract what you want.

 Release and Re-record
To start this process we need to do two things – Release our resistant conditioning and Re-record our beliefs. Louise Hay has a wonderful approach to this, the first question she asks is “Are you willing to change?” This is such a vital question, if you have become very conditioned in your thinking, mistrustful of yourself, your beliefs and your abilities, this can be a challenging question as you will have a lot of resistant energy, also known as doubt and fear. 

How to Release
It is this that paralyses you mentally and emotionally and this is where we need to start, beginning with the phrase: “I am willing to release all my resistance”, repeating this ten times to yourself in front of the mirror can be confronting but it is a really powerful way to start this process. You can also use it every time you say something positive about yourself and feel resistance, fear or doubt rise within you.

Now start Re-recording
Now we want to start the process of overlaying prior negative repetitive thinking with positive, supportive statements. We want to start with: “I approve of myself” and you want to repeat this between 4-500 times a day – sounds a lot? Think about how often you replay a problem in your mind; it’s at least that often, this is how we start to re-write your patterned beliefs. For a lot of people this can be really challenging as there is so much doubt around this statement, this is where your resistance energy has built up over time and it is why you find it challenging to manifest the positive in your life. But this is why I recommend you use the “willing to release” statement in tandem with it to support your movement toward the positive while at the same time releasing your resistance to it.

Go gently.
The key is to be patient with yourself, don’t scold yourself when you catch yourself thinking negatively instead simply state your willingness to release your resistance and remind yourself that you approve of yourself. Stick to this process for a month and observe the difference in how you feel and see what happens around you. Moving old patterns can be like shaking a glass of water with sand at the bottom of it, the water can turn murky as you shake up old beliefs and fears. So don’t be surprised if you feel a bit worse before you get better, this is very normal when you release old energy. But stay committed and take each day as it comes firmly sticking to your willingness to release and your mantra of “I approve of myself”.

Need some help?
Each of us is different, for some of you this might be all you need to start seeing the changes in your life, for others you may feel overwhelmed by the resistance energy you experience and trapped in your subconscious patterns. If this is the case please feel free to reach out, I specialize in helping people around the world identify their patterns and start the process of release and re-recording. I would love to support you in anyway I can.

Happy Manifesting Soul Family, Kay x

Kay Wilson