Why you want to be wary of the label ‘Expert’.


We live in a society where labels are very important, we have been taught to respect them from birth. The label of Parent, Teacher, Boss, Guru have all got powerful connotations attached to respect and submission of some form or other. And those who bare these labels have at times demanded respect, irrespective of how they treated those beholden to them.

A growing desire for integrity.

Recently however, there has been a growing shift toward the importance of integrity. To have a label is no longer sufficient, it’s what you do with it that has more relevance. People are becoming more discerning and more attuned to their innate sense of intuition as it seeks out authenticity. Credibility has always been important but never as much as now. In an age where review searches are part of everyday practice it is how you uphold yourself that really counts.

The label 'Expert'.

One label that is particularly challenging is that of  ‘Expert’. As an ‘Expert’ you are indeed highly regarded, but from an energetic stand point it can be a bit uncomfortable.

Why being an 'Expert' could be uncomfortable.

As soon as you call yourself an expert you align yourself with intellectual territory particular to yourself, and inherent in that is a position to defend. Being on the defence is never comfortable as you are constantly trying to prove or justify yourself to outsiders, which means your source of validation can become compromised. The faith you have in your own opinion can become fragile and open to self-scrutiny, which can weaken your sense of self and the very light that attracted others in the first place.

It can inhibit learning.

Equally as an ‘Expert’ there is an implication that you know everything in your field. The opportunity to continue learning, growing and expanding your own knowledge along with your peers may be stifled or impacted due to a growing belief that you can’t be exposed as not already knowing what there is out there to know!

Coach, guide or simply lead by example.

If you find yourself in this position maybe consider reframing yourself as a ‘Coach’ or ‘Guide’, share stories that demonstrate vulnerability and perhaps some of the lessons you have experienced that highlight your humanity. Better still, take a leaf out of Elon Musk's book and simply blaze your trail in all its shades of success and challenge, don't define yourself, and lead by example. When people can identify with your ’human-ness’ you become a more potent example of how others can walk if they choose to. It is our imperfections that perfect us after all.

Be your own Expert.

And finally, if you are someone who seeks to align yourself unquestioningly with ‘Experts’ I would suggest caution. The reality is we are all fallible, and the experts of this world are no exception, better to seek out your own truth. By all means take knowledgeable guidance from those with experience, but use your own discernment to guide your thoughts and beliefs. In this process you will develop a strong regard and connection with yourself, which is infinitely more valuable to you than the truth of others can ever be.

Much love and abundance,

Kay x

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Kay Wilson