Who's Looking After You?


The one person we often forget about is ourselves and yet it is us who needs the most attention! When we allow ourselves to go to the bottom of the priority list the chances of us burning out, having a meltdown or falling sick become much higher. So how can you start to integrate small practices that will help you maintain a good sense of self care?

Keep it simple

Why not start your day by firstly wishing yourself a good morning? Follow this with a glass of water with lemon, while standing in a place where you can see the sky, preferably outside, and admire as much as you can about what you can see.

Self massage

After a shower take some coconut oil and spend time gently rubbing it all over your body. As you give yourself a gentle massage, consider the wonderful things your body does for you.

Create boundaries

Be aware of how you feel around certain people and make discerning choices about the time you want to spend in their company.

Make time for you

Plan ahead in your week for time that will be just for you to do things you really like. Be light hearted about what it is you choose to do, but be strict about keeping it free of plans!

What’s on your happy list?

You are the creator of your state of mind so why not fill it with happy thoughts? Make a list in your precious 'You Time' of all the things in your life you are happy or thankful for.

Free writing

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is clear the ‘mental deck’. By freeing your mind of all the cluttering thoughts that you have accumulated during your day, you can greatly improve your chances of a good nights sleep! Start keeping a notebook by your bed and before you fall asleep allow yourself to ‘free write’ before nodding off. This is a process that allows you to write whatever comes into your mind, creating a free flow onto the page. You never need to read what you write, so grammar, punctuation and even legibility are not of importance!

I hope you find this useful, please let me know if there is a particular topic you would like me to write about, I'd love to hear from you.

Much love and abundance,

Kay x

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