How Fruits & Veggies Heal Far More Than We Think.

What we eat is a massive contributor to how we feel and I've recently discovered a book that I believe will dramatically improve your outlook on food and health :)

It's called the Medical Medium and I cannot recommend it more highly! It's a fascinating read, by a man who at the age of 4 started receiving direct guidance from spirit as to what was medically wrong with everyone he came across. Needless to say, he's never got it wrong and only uses fruit, vegetables and natural supplements as remedies.

His successes are incredible, from Alzheimers to Fibromyalgia, fertility issues and insomnia, and the fruits and vegetables that act as a cure are all listed in the book! Better still, you can listen to his audio healing series for free here.

I am currently doing his recommended 28 day cleanse, as someone who has previously avoided fruit due to their supposed sugar content this has been a big change for me and I have NEVER felt better! It's not the easiest diet I've ever done but my energy levels are higher than they've ever been and my body is functioning amazingly well.

I hope you find it as useful and inspiring as I have!

Much love and abundance,

Kay x

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