3 easy ways to improve your focus for meditation.


Meditation is a beautiful practice that gives your mind the chance to expand beyond the ‘here and now’ of its current perspective.

It does this by distracting your mind with the help of your senses. By tapping into your senses more acutely your awareness becomes sharper and more able to pick up the feelings and sounds of what you are experiencing in the present moment. This not only stops your mental narrative but also tunes you into your energetic vibration.

A lot of people find it hard to get the focus needed to do this, here are a few effective ways to help you get there:

Wear a blindfold – Try standing blindfolded in an area you know is clear and quiet, where you can feel absolutely secure.  Stand with your feet slightly apart so you have easy balance, and bend your knees very slightly so they are not locked. Take your attention to your breath and allow your body to entirely relax. By being blindfolded your hearing and physical awareness automatically become heightened. When you are ready focus all your attention in front of you and slowly take some steps forward before you stop. Through this process you align with your energy, the awareness that you put ahead of you as you move is your energy field feeling its way in front of you. Repeat this a few times and as you do carefully observe everything that you can now feel and note how your thoughts automatically stop.

Ear plugs and the Breathing Zone App – Breath is a common focus for those new to meditation as it acts as a good distraction from your thoughts and draws your awareness to the workings of your inner self.  I find a lot of clients have short breath to start with and struggle with this. Try using ear plugs initially as it will increase the tempo of your breathing and assist the process. I also recommend the use of the Breathing Zone App as it is very effective at improving lung capacity and deep breathing. If breathing is an issue for you I would also recommend you explore Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork and the Wim Hoff Method.

Use a candle –  This is a really popular way to help you start to build concentration. By using a visual focal point that you can allow yourself to mentally ‘sink into’ you can assist your desire to tune out other distractions. So the next time you try to calm your mind for meditation sit staring at a candle and allow your focus to be drawn into the flame.

As with all these things it’s important to find what works for you, I recommend you try an array of tools to see what resonates for you.

Wishing you much happiness and abundance!

Kay x