Use Your Energy To Create The Day You Want To Experience.

Mornings are the best time to mentally set yourself up for the day. When you sleep you suspend your energetic momentum which means that when you wake up you are more able to create the mindset you want to ‘hangout’ in for the day.

Your mind is not yet filled with all the ‘should’s ’ and ‘Should nots’ that the rest of the day will inspire. So spend a few moments at the start of your day mentally projecting and playing out your ideal day. See yourself walking through experiences that are normally challenging and see them turning out surprisingly well and feel the relief and joy that those good outcomes bring you.

Take yourself right through your day till you see yourself lying down to go to sleep with a smile on your face thanks to the day you’ve had. No matter what happens next this will start your day off in a good high vibing place! 😍

Kay WilsonComment