Detect Tension & Relax.

This tip is to inspire you to start developing a sense of self-awareness around how you feel. Often we have experiences that cause us physical tension but we are not aware of what’s happening as we are focused on what is going on around us.

Today I would love for you to explore what happens INSIDE you, while you are at work or with the kids or just doing life! By starting to take note of how you physically respond to what’s happening around you you start to develop an awareness of what triggers various emotional and physical reactions. Should you experience inner tension try to remove yourself from the situation and take time to focus inward and readdress the balance by soothing yourself and relaxing yourself back to a centred space.

Often we are swept up in the various highs and lows of life. But once you start to develop this awareness you start to discover there is a middle line you can start to connect with that helps you develop a more centred space to sit in internally. This helps you maintain a level of inner peace and equanimity that you can expand on.

Kay Wilson