4 easy ways to detox negative energy!

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Today I want to share four ways I keep my energy field in a positive place :) They're super easy and you'll be amazed how effective they are at keeping you in a positive headspace.

Stop reading the news!

We all know the media rely on negative headlines to grab attention. You do NOT need this influx of negativity hitting your psyche throughout your day! It is very destructive and you will be amazed how much better you will feel after just a few days of tabloid census. Want to enrich your mind? Hit Ted Talks or Bulletproof podcasts, they have a wealth of really fascinating topics that will boost your thinking and creativity in new and beautiful ways.

Avoid thrillers and dramas.

Immersing yourself in marathon Netflix sessions of murder and intrigue are not good for you! They may be interesting but they can be really damaging to your piece of mind and faith in humanity. Remember the energy that you surround yourself with is the energy you are, so do your nervous system a favour and switch the thrillers for comedy and documentaries focused on positive outcomes.

Get out in nature.

I can't emphasise this enough, nature is the balm for the soul, it fills you with negative ions which are great for healing and rejuvenation. Please see my post 'Why you should get wet next time it rains.', it explains what negative ions are and why they are so good for you. Going on your own is ideal - no distractions, just you and your energy, if you do go with friends try to make time for walking in silence, tap into the energetic vibration around you, breath deeply and detox your soul!

Eat raw veggies.

The phrase 'You are what you eat' is self explanatory, your digestive system has a massive impact on your energetic state. Raw vegetables come straight from rich soil, they are packed with a host of vitamins and teem with natural energy from sunlight and water, absorbing this into your body will greatly help your ability to stay energised, positive and in good shape.

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Kay x