Why You Want To Avoid Being Perfect.

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The day you do everything perfectly is the day you become more robot than human. You have chosen to come into this life for a reason, to experience humanity. To feel, and explore the kaleidoscope of emotions that being a human entails.

As children we quickly learn what is ’good’ and ’bad’ behavior and as our personalities develop we discern how to work within that structure and survive in the world. We draw boundaries in our mind about experiences and emotions that we enjoy and equally we make decisions, sometimes unconsciously, of things we dislike and don’t want to dwell on or accept. Those we deny we try to hide in the shadows of our mind, or consciously seek to let go of, or ignore.

The problem with this is that it is like trying to ignore or let go of a limb, as your emotions are an extension of who you are, they cannot be removed. By ignoring them we can cause ourselves harm, as our negative emotions don’t simply disappear, they sit within us, and wait, and either return in a different guise or manifest as a sickness demanding our attention.

The truth is, you need your dark emotions, they are vital to who you are as a whole. Without the negative aspects of your personality there would be no positive, one creates the other. The same way there can be no dark without light, there must always be a balance. Nature demonstrates this constantly, everything in nature is balanced, with flawless symmetry, from the perfectly aligned vessels in a leaf, to the continual flow of night and day, summer and winter. And equally when there is imbalance there is malfunction, disease and sometimes death.

As a species we are part of this natural process, within each of us lies the opportunity to create a balanced yin and yang, light and dark, positive and negative. With balance can come peace, true acknowledgement of all that we are.

Realise this and you may stop suffering under the burden of your negative emotions, you no longer have to hide them, deny them or ignore them. Instead you can acknowledge them, see into them and understand why they are there. For example, fear, a commonly denied emotion carries no threat, it is there to keep you safe, by denying it you may become defensive, aggressive, or angry and yet it is there to help you. It helps you realize you are not comfortable in a certain situation and you must look after and protect yourself.

Explore the shadows of your mind, seek out those emotions you shun away from, investigate them, unravel them and understand their origin. Every ‘dark’ emotion has a purpose and it seeks to serve you. It is how you treat your emotions that define you and your experience.

So react, truly feel, do not deny your natural responses to things, understand the motives behind your feelings, respect them and become whole. Create your balance of light and dark, and be perfectly happy with ALL of you.

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Kay x