Why You No Longer Need To Make Decisions

Why you no longer have to make any decisions — Kay Wilson 2018-08-20 11-33-47.png

Your heart lies at the centre of who you are, it is the part of you that is pure, unaffected and whole, it is your truth. Our hearts frequently try to help us, guiding us gently with instinctive reactions that are too quick and unexpected for us to stop. Yet it is often these unplanned, instinctive moments, that often work out better than we could have hoped, because we unintentionally followed our true path. 

Our heart is connected to our soul, it is the only part of us that is honest about what we truly want. It is not influenced by our fears, insecurities and egos, it holds us accountable to the essence of who we are. Which is why it is frequently swallowed, submerged, hidden and ignored and why so many of us ache. We ache from the core of who we are, because we actively seek to bury the very part of us that is there to guide us through a journey that does not come with instructions. Our values and beliefs often misguided by societal and environmental pressures frequently misalign with our natural inclinations, but we feel the need to choose them over ourselves and this causes us great heartache.

Release yourself from the heartache, relinquish your grip on what you feel you should be, stop and listen, ask yourself what you should do next and wait for your heart to guide you. It is willing to steer your every decision, all you need to do is wait and listen. It can be challenging at first, but practice and it's gentle whisper will turn into a constant loving adviser. Relieving you of the burden of decision and keeping you true to your essence.

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Kay x