Why You Need To Hug Someone Every Day!

hug 2018-08-20 11-43-36.jpg

Why do hugs feel so good??! The healing power of hugs are well documented, our skin is the biggest organ of our body, and when hugged we release a hormone that creates a sense of well being, safety and confidence that can last for hours after physical contact.

But more than that, when we physically interact with another human we share our energy with them, we don't give it, we simply share it. As with Reiki, there is no give or take, there is simply an expansion and strengthening of the energy field between the two people hugging, the effect it has depends on the intentions of the those involved.

When you offer a hug with a genuine intention to heal, help, or comfort, your energy will follow your intent as the focus you place behind your energy is very powerful. How it is received is up to the person who is hugged, that is beyond your control.

So when you next decide to offer a hug, open your heart, take courage in yourself and share your affection, your love, your kindness and your treasured personal space with complete commitment no matter what the reaction. Fearless love is the deepest, most profound love there is.

May we all learn from the amazing Amma, the Miracle Hug Lady and hug someone today and every day.

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Kay x