Why Trying To 'Let Go' Is Futile


Life is full of challenges, stop trying to let go of what bothers you. Instead acknowledge and accept the existence of what troubles you, accept it and hold it lightly, like a feather in the palm of your hand.

By actively trying to let go of something we put energy into it, we fixate in the 'letting go' and get upset when are thoughts stray toward it as we are trying to release it. For example if you try not to eat a chocolate bar, it is very likely you will spend a lot of time thinking about not eating that chocolate bar. Don't torture yourself. 

Acceptance is the key, acknowledge that whatever the issue is, it currently causes you grief at some level, and yes, you would rather not have it on your mind, and therefore in your life. But you recognise that it happens to be part of your mindset right now and that's ok.

Let the thought take a mental seat, it can rest a while, like the feather in your hand, and in the meantime you can carry on with life. You may go back to check on it every now and again but this will happen less and less. Just allow it to sit there, one day that feather will float away, and you may not even notice.

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Kay x