What is Reiki?

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As a Reiki Practitioner this is one of the most frequent questions I am asked. This is understandable as Reiki is not common and it works with your body’s unseen energy, which can be difficult for some people to invest in.

However, if you look around you will recognize that you are surrounded by unseen energy working diligently to create the world you live in. Every object, person and place is filled with energy, or a ‘higher force’, that holds the very fabric of life together. Reiki simply acknowledges, and taps into this unseen, yet inexhaustible force of strength and regeneration.

The word Reiki breaks down to it’s definition: Rei - meaning ‘spiritual’ and Ki – meaning ‘energy’, spiritual energy, specifically, the spiritual energy of the body. Reiki is the practice of assisting one’s spiritual energy to promote deep relaxation, feelings of well being and self healing.

The concept of self healing is widely overlooked, as modern society generally promotes the idea that outside influences are solely responsible for our health and well being. From personal trainers to various medications, diets and exercise all of which rely on someone or something else that will ‘make you better’. To some degree this is correct, they can all play a big part in our health. But as my teacher Frans Stiene points out, even when we break a bone and are put in a cast, it is our body that regenerates it’s cells, when we catch a cold, cut ourselves or contract a disease everything we ‘do’ assists, but the real labor comes from our own body’s ability to recover, renew and regenerate.

During a Reiki session your Reiki Practitioner will seek to raise your energy levels and provide your body with extra resources to use as it wishes. Your body’s implicit intelligence then uses this energy where it most needs it, so you get exactly what you need, though you may not even know it! This is why a Reiki Practitioner will not direct their healing at a specific area or ailment as this may be the symptom but not the cause. The Reiki technique graciously allows your body to make its own decisions about what it needs and how it chooses to use the extra support it receives during a session, which can be mental, emotional or physical.

This is why Reiki is particularly unique – it’s ability to treat more than just the physical but the mental and emotional too. Which makes its gentle, non-invasive, but truly profound impact on your body, mind and soul all the more wondrous.

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Kay x