Repeat After Me, "I am enough".

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Are you consumed by your career, succeeding at it, creating it, or simply trying to survive it? Do you consistently navigate the expectations of your family and friends, and spend your free time fantasising over the life you would have if you only had the right bag, car, body or house?

We consistently evaluate our lives and achievements by drawing comparisons with those around us, and invariably find ourselves wanting. Managing our sense of inadequacy by creating numerous and inexhaustible lists of desires and wants that mean we never feel we have, or are, enough. After all, there is always someone who has it bigger, brighter, or better, someone who ‘has it all’. So what’s the solution?

The change in your perception is the key, the momentous but gradual shift from a sense of lack, to abundance. It is essentially a change in values, the first step in appreciating what you already have and the person that you are, versus the fickle benefits of material goods, or the fleeting sense of well being a promotion offers. Seem like an impossible task? Here are a couple of tips that may help you on that journey:

The study of you
Firstly, really look at who you are and what you have. I recommend you do this regularly in front of a mirror. After all, if you are honestly seeking to make a change you need to start with truth, and your face is where it lies. Look yourself in the eyes and try to look past the negative. Start with the undeniable beauty that lies within your irises, the intricate design that nature has patterned within your eyes. Move slowly on from there, taking everything in, consider the embrace of your skin, the biggest organ of your body and its amazing ability to shield you from wind and rain. Start micro, appreciate the incredible machine of nature that you are, seek out the beauty in it, it is there, if you look. Slowly you will start to realise the perfection of what you are, and start to correlate it with the person that you are on the inside, you will begin to acknowledge the kind and generous deeds you perform, the small gifts of gratitude you give to your family and friends to show them you care. And as you do, the imperfections and the sense of lack will start to slowly fade. Over time you will nurture self-regard, and it will grow, slowly, but steadily into fragile, beautiful, self love.

For today ..
To assist this process, seek to give yourself grace. You have to take baby steps before you can walk, let alone run. Do this by committing to the belief that 'for this hour/day/week, I am enough', you are a smart, gifted, beautiful human on the inside and outside, and there is nothing more you can physically be during this moment of time so it is therefore enough. By working with defined periods of time you can manage your experience and forgive yourself more easily should you briefly slip, as your ability to climb back on track is more accessible. Extend these moments out as you become more comfortable.

Remember, your goal is the rediscovery of you, and how much you are and have, already. All you are doing is removing the blindfold placed there by a skewed and out dated sense of perception.

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Kay x