Embrace your dark side.

Embrace your dark side. — Kay Wilson 2018-08-20 12-36-41.png

Remember, there must be a dark sky in order for the stars to shine. And in the same way it is the dark side of you, the side you hide, the side you are ashamed of, that makes you perfect. It is your fears and furies that drive you to evolve as much as your loves and laughter.

There must always be balance. So there must always be dark and light, failure and fortune. If we were always good and always right we would have no reason to grow. No reason for being.

The next time you find yourself hiding or repressing your dark side, take a breath, remember it is ALL of you that makes you perfect. Embrace your misgivings of self and recognise them as a chance to grow, an opportunity to help the brightness in you shine that much brighter.

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Kay x