6 ways to vibe high daily!

Bring the power of nature into your life everyday! Here are some easy ways to integrate the positive effect of natural energy into your life:

Get outside -  Be in the fresh air as frequently as possible, make commuting to work part of your integration with nature and revitalise your working day by walking or bicycling in. Or, if you're not a walker, find time to grab a something to read and a blanket and find a spot outside to enjoy.

Make it social - Organise regular weekends away with friends in the mountains or forests and hit the hiking trails. 

Bring the outside inside - Fill your home with plants and flowers, maybe purchase some Himalayan salt lamps and keep your windows open as much as possible to allow clear air flow.

Work with it - Remember how much time you spend at work! Install a water feature and/or invest in a negative ioniser for your office.  This is a great way to improve the space for you and your colleagues, especially in small or darker spaces. 

Go natural -  Wear natural fibers and let your hair and clothes dry naturally, infusing your skin's environment with natural clean air fills it with negative ions which is really good for your energy.

Get wet - Next time it rains, go for a walk! Keep warm but embrace nature in its raw form, soak up the sensations and atmosphere and feel your body getting its natural dose of mother natures best!

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Kay x