How your lunch break can nourish you on every level.

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We all lead busy, interactive lives so it’s really important to maximise the small windows of time that we have for ourselves. Your lunch time is a great opportunity to do this. It happens everyday, so it’s a regular point in time that you can set aside to focus on yourself. And if you miss a day or even a few days due to meetings or travel it’s ok because at some point you’ll return to your normal rhythm.

Take a moment before eating.

The next time you sit down to your midday meal, take a moment before you start eating to turn off all your devices, close your note pad and remove all life related distractions. Sit still, take a nice deep breath and look at the meal before you, consciously take a moment to consider the multitude of people and events that have occurred to bring each of the elements of your meal to you today. Appreciate the work and effort on every level that has been made by those you do not know and give thanks.

Think about where your food came from.

As you start to eat, bring your attention to the sensations you experience with each flavour and texture you encounter. At the same time think about how the food you are eating came into being, think about its origin, how the animal, fresh fruit or vegetable came into existence, its delicate journey of growth, from seedling to fruition and eventually to your plate. How it used the energy from the sun and the rich nutrients of the earth to grow. And how you are now gratefully able to ingest that very same energy into your own being. Have gratitude for what you are eating and the earth it came from, realise your dependence on it and in so doing appreciate its efforts.

How to revitalise the energy in your food.

By taking this process one-step back, to the preparation of your food, you are able to add to the energetic quality of what you are ingesting. Ideally prepare your lunch yourself, using either home grown or farm market fresh produce if its available. And as you prepare it once again take the opportunity to think about the origin of your meal, where it came from, how it got to you and who you are making it for. Explore the feelings of gratitude and love that may come with those thoughts. Gently giving the food you prepare loving and nurturing energy to be enjoyed by yourself as well as any family or friends you might be cooking for.

Nourishment can be far more than simply the intake of food, it can be a ritual of gratitude, peace and consideration which can really impact the perspective on your busy day. So next time you sit down to your lunch be aware of your eating experience, enjoy it and honour it, we may not have as much time as we would like, so lets make the most of what we do have!

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Kay x