Kay is an Energy Healer & Coach and a regular wellness blogger on Apple News and contributor to bellamumma.

Kay has worked across the spectrum of healthcare, from corporate clients, to patients in and out of hospital, including young babies in intensive care, to the elderly at home. She is passionate about energetic health and peace of mind and is always developing techniques to help you integrate mindful and energetic living into everyday life. Kay previously trained in Yoga Therapy, Reiki Healing and Crystal Dreaming (a past life regression healing practice), and she draws on all of these practices in both her Reiki Healing Sessions and Energy Coaching.

  • Kay is a Reiki Practitioner of the Frans Steine International House of Reiki, of the Usui Mikao lineage.

  • Kay is a qualified Yoga Therapist and teacher, from the Ghosh Yoga School in Kolkata and the Universal Yoga Centre in Arambol, Goa.

  • Kay is also a qualified Urban Shaman Crystal Dreaming Practitioner.

  • Kay is an experienced Meditation Guide and Wellness Coach.


Both Kay's parents were homeopaths with an inclination toward alternative health and beliefs. Throughout her childhood Kay was encouraged to explore her health from a psychosomatic perspective, every cold or headache was treated homeopathically and quickly linked to an emotional trauma she was experiencing in life. This upbringing helped her attune herself with her body's energy from an early age.

She worked with this energetic connection through yoga practice later in life and became a yoga therapist. However, it was only when she started practicing Reiki and began working with energy to help others that she really started to fully explore the connection between emotion and energy movement. From this point she became passionate about developing techniques her Reiki clients could use to easily bring these practices into their busy everyday lives and has has great results with this.

Kay now seeks to bring these practices to as many people as possible, through workshops, blogs, one to one sessions and public events. Kay is committed to helping people realise they have the ability to harness their own health and wellbeing through easy to use energy practices.